In fact I do. It is coverage Duck for Cover. Underwritten by a leading Insurance agency. if you wish to see a copy please contact me.
If the venue has an in house system, I am happy to use this otherwise I have a professional setup, EV speakers including subwoofer and a 4 LED light system
Now this is the how long is a piece of string question.

I use competitive rates based on length of performance, if I am performing solo or duet, is significant travel is required and or accomodation.

For further information or negotiation I am happy to discuss.

Current listed Musician Union rates state minimum $50 per hour not including meals and or travel/accomodation
I am able to perform solo, or if you require a duo it can be provided being a Harp player, or Drummer, or another Guitarist.

As a Band it can be as large as you require from 3 piece, 4 piece to a brass section

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