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Old Salty, a talented artist bringing an original mix of the Blues/Rock genre to the stage.
With a unique blend of industrial roots, storytelling, and a touch of the 70's, Old Salty's solo performance is not to be missed.
This journey through new and old songs, all written and composed by Old Salty himself,
is guaranteed to leave you entertained and inspired.

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Contemporary Setlist

Contemporary Setlist The Setlist I’ll be playing from for pubs and clubs. Well known old school songs and a few new ones, songs will be ...

Lets get this restarted

I am restarting the blog as I simply get distracted ...
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A selection of Videos from YouTube you can view on the Old Salty site
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Need questions answered have a look at the FAQs on this page . If you require further information fill out the contacts form for a promo response
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A history of Old Salty Himself.

Also includes a downloadable PDF file for offline viewing
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A random selection of pics from gigs or promotional shoots


Old Salty and the Catfish Blues Band comprising of Old Salty, RatMan Rhodes, Lion, Karma, Roadkill and others.

Performing Blues, Blues Rock, Pub Rock, Contemporary, Originals


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