Hey You Aint Half Bad……

Can you Play Horses?

- Some Punter in a Pub Somewhere

“Hey RatMaN! Whats that I smell cooking in the pot?” Old Salty sneers while sniffing the air... “smelling good” as he licks his lips in eagerness of devouring the pots contents

“Don’t tell him and keep the old bugger away until it’s ready” the LioN snarls while licking a sauce from his paw...

“In good time Old Salty, in good time” Monsoon replies making sure Old Salty keeps his distance from the bubbling pot least he spill the contents to early...

Old Salty grumbles to himself and finds himself a nice slide on the edge of the mangroves to sun himself until the content of the pot is ready....

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My Names Old Salty

During the Aussie gig we live streamed the event on Facebook for those locked down in Victoria with the COVID regulations. To help ...
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Old Salty and the Catfish Blues Band comprising of Old Salty, Monsoon Mal, Prowling Pete, RatMan Rhodes and others.

Performing Blues, Blues Rock, Pub Rock, Contemporary, Originals


@copyright Adrian Giannini 2020