Spiegel Tent Stoush

Bass player pushes young guitarist into the limelight on the 12th June show for Old Salty & the Catfish Blues Band. Reports suggest there has been internal grumbling since the incident at the Mangrove Camp. 

KarMa who was noticeably absent for he event stated “eeahh mon, dem boys do all sorts ov mischarve , Yu know mon” leaving the reporter wondering, WHAT? 

It has been alleged by interested parties, who have viewed the footage, that during a poignant moment in a song, Old Salty moves towards the front allowing LioN to move into the basking glow of the limelight.

“It is then that it is clearly seen” reported the concerned viewer, “Im sure he must have been ill or a bin chicken bone stuck between his teeth” they continue “as what lead person in a band will willingly share the spotlight’ 

The reporter then discovers the next piece of footage “Yeah what I thought was innocent porn a mate usually sends me was in fact footage of RatMan clearly and roughly pushing Lion into the limelight”

Once lawyers have viewed the footage it will be released on this site.

RoadKill declined to comment at this time and Little Squirrel was honing his stage diving techniques

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