Spiegel Tent Set List

Thought Id start this new blog, I must say it Ive tried many times but fail badly... hopefully this time.

Now I decided to give you all a little insight to my songs, hey many of you have complimented me over the years. So if your lucky enough to make it Sunday , or I can get a good video to share it will all make sense.

Spiegel Tent Set List 12/06/2022

1. My names Old Salty:

A little ditty about myself, well one version of me. As every good Bluesman knows, once you get your “name” you gotta have a “name” song, this is mine.... It was also written so the punters can stomp to the rhythm and beat.

2. It Don’t Rain:

Sometimes it comes from deep down when a song happens, this is one of them.

Several years of drought in regional Victoria, AU. Big Bushfire, rains returned. Something I found out in my travels is in VIC during those long hot summers they move their mob north. Until... up north, QLD and NSW cop the same thing at the same time.... SPOILER... listen for the weird timing signatures at the end of the lead break....

3. Old Shoes:

Interesting this one. Flicking through tv channels when this old B/W movie pops on with and old African American woman holding a pair of shores saying “nothing like an old pair of shoes, they feel comfortable on your feet and all worn in

4. Workin:

My Hola and Response working mans ode, with an interesting story of a workin man whose boss may just be sleepin with his woman! And his sayin if she wants these fine things in life, just ask the Bossman to pay....

5. Sunday Afternoon

Where does this one come from you ask? From the deep recesses of my youth, listening to some amazing Vinyls. My step back to the 70’s of Blues/Rock... Now the lyrics give you that chilled n lazy, kick back Sunday feeling . The one where “fuck it, life’s to good right now”

6. Voodoo Woman:

The new test song n the Setlist, completely untried...... However.... my fave AC/DC song id Ride On, so i felt I needed my spin on it. Traditional 12 bar vibe, lyrics speak of an eve Il woman whose wronged her man but he hangs on.... What happens throughout the song all the Catfish lies Band get to Highlight their Individual talents...

7. Time Bomb:

My power Blues/Pop song, is that a genre as Id win the Aria for it. Hard hitting, pub rock, power pop...... feel like you’re stepped back to the Countdown Days.

8. Im a Rich Man:

If Marilyn Manson did blues and Ted Nugent did the Lyrics, as they are as cheeky as fuck .... An Old Salt classic

9. Corn Cob Pipe:

A little bit of Tom Sawyer, a touch of life...... What do I say about this song, I had to sing it as last song at the Blues Bash. Ive watched line , rock n roll and well all sorts enjoy this song... you know the works!!!!

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