First Gig back after Lockdowns

Well Old Salty n Prowlin Pete headed south to Home Hill Malpass Hotel On Friday 17th July for the first gig in the new era of Covid Safe playing.

Found the Management at the Malpass had set things up nicely with good clear signage up stating how many people allowed in specific areas and the front bar, where we were to play being up to 40 people.

The band area was clearly defined with a barrier to one side and moved to the TAB area. So quite pleased with that set up.

It was also great to see the locals that I haven’t seen since basically y last live gig in March.

A couple the fellas wanted a pic with Old Salty so I was happy to oblige (see below) sadly one fella had work at 5am and had to head off early.

By the 3rd set Pete n Me had a nice tight grooving going on an the punters felt the urge to sing along ....... ahhhhh live gigs ..

I even attempted an Alan Jackson song as requested by one fella, I didnt mess it up to much and he was happy to sing along...

11pm rolled around far to quickly so with a quick pickup we hit the road for the drive back to Townsville and yes I had the heater on in the car!

Old Salty

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