Old Salty returns to the Malpass Hotel

To say it’s been quiet the last few month of 2020 is an understatement, however I have been buy with “live streams”, redoing the website, rehearsing new songs and planning what should have been. Also growing the Catfish Blues Band Which will be special when those fellas hit the stage with me.

Old Salty returns to the Malpass Hotel on Friday July 17th in Home HIL Qld. Always love playing the Malpass, great locals who appreciate music and in particular what I do and what they ask me to do “Little Pink Houses” By John Meloncamp being one song.

Ill be bringing Prowling Pete Zantey on drums with me a earlier this year we had a ball playing.

So if your in the area drop on in say hi, enjoy a bevy and try not to dance, gunna be hard lol

So get outa the Magroves and enjoy Old Salt n Prowlin 

Old Salty

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