Kickin Arse at the Malpass

With mate Alan “Redders” Reddaway on harp and my good self, the Malpass Hotel at Home Hill Qld was treated to Old Salty doing the Duo things, Redders putting his spin on many unheard styles and twists I do to songs and he did himself proud.

Some great feedback from the punters both young n old ad the fact at least 12 stayed still stumps!!

The punters loved Samp Donkey the song and proceeded to accompany Old Salty by consuming several Black Sambucca’s and inging the chorus.

And big thanks to the regulars who apparently enjoy the Old Salty style.

I’ll see ya all on Saturday the 9th November out in the beer garden for the Home Hill Havest Festival

Oh lastly to Garth Ill order you a T-shirt and hopefully have it before next gig

Old Salty

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