Old Salty Duo here we come

This Friday at the Malpass Hotel at Home Hill I have Allan Reddaway joining me on harp.

I have played with Allan on a few occasions now, the Blues Bash and at the Maggie Island Muso Club. The first time I played with Redders was at Cardwell at the Harbourside (which is sadly now closed) when doing a multi band event with Redders playing in his main band Bluewing with Ian on guitar.

The great part about what I do with Old Salt is I can add musicians as needed to create a different sound or enhance the sound.

Next week on the 12th of October I will be playing with Pete on drums at Queens Beach Hotel.

Pete is now our resident drummer for the Blues Bash and has shown his ability to set a solid beat with a nice groove.

Till next time

CYA in the Mangroves

Old Salty

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