Welcome to my MADNESS

One last time

The muse and I hold hands and kiss the moon


Something wrong in the air today

I gotta get up

Before we erase the shuffle

N burn the thoughts back to the place before

It all began in the strobe lights

The three or four shadows danced on the wall

While the cops kissed my head with the toes of their boots

As the truth be told it was days before when I lost my soul

My blood soaks the concrete n I count the diamonds n pearls

I pay the price of trying to keep the voices quiet

WIth the booze and the pills and the cheap hookers dripping lipstick from their dreams

I don't believe I ever saw you cry

In the dark corners where I seen you scream

N kissed the rusty blade asking my name

I danced alone that night didn't I

Like a fool I believed in something that could never be

You watched for a longest of times

Drifting in your silent screams

Transgressed beyond those that can hear or care to hear anymore

When it rains it stains

Stains the world in colours of red

Stains all my skin in colours Ive never seen

Colours this canvas not in blues and greens

Stains in red and spreads the more in rains

Its something we have in common

Common more than most would have others believe

The warmth soaks and bleeds my being

Ive kissed the metallic on more than one occasion

Drank in the moist fragrance from the air

Let me hold it to the sky

Show them all what I could have been if I wanted

What I should have been if I wanted

I wanted to be then one who was me

That was never going to be

Those times you came into my room

In the darkness of the night

I now always sleep with the light on

It would be our little secret you said

Well its a secret all right forever

Forever is a long time but not in this lifetime

Yours has been kissed short

A bullet for your thoughts

A penny for my wishing well came in good

One last time

Sit in the golden waves of a field of drifting one last time

Tasting the metallic one last time

Smile and listen to the music that is nature one last time

I watch the azure fade and the clouds smile

One last time

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And you ask why?

and fuck you too muse lol



Who are we that wear the emerald crown

Sinners not forgiven of simple misdoings

A key to help unlock the silver reflections

I learn to rhyme and dance in words

While this loneliness is killing me

Incomprehensible consequences lie in puddles

Tears I cry fall upward and colour the moon

Refrained memories tasted in polaroids

Litter darkened corners of the room

As my mothers son I believe and pretend

Tomorrow a yesterday ends in the mindful

Never will they say a good word spoken with split tongues

An empty plate feeds a troubled beleaguered soul

Mournful prophets weep from a heartfelt choir

Will I ever sing alone again

Back to the beginning of it all

Wearing black is the costume

Second skin to the new becoming

Cower with me as I hide within its shadows

Turn and happily say “fuck you all”

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Guilty cutting Razor Blades

While I ponder alone without the muse


I will tell you how it is

As life has flowed, around, though passed and been a part of my being

Tempted am I to belong and then move on from the illustrative

A simple message is all I bring locked in chaliced ice and hearts of coal

The silver gray of the dawn blossom in incandescent healing

While the strength from these words echo in twisted form

Those that read will understand lessons hewn betwixt sentiments coated

Simmering murmurings make me aware of unsettling that occurs

As others plan and weave sacrosanct political grandstanding

Fingers poke holes in the pupil of an eye as it recants the will of a hummingbird

Then I breathe

The wind moves the aged trees carrying much wisdom locked in tattered bindings

Unspoken yet knowing and bleeding upon the parchment bristling with comment

Nothing changes or stays the same as time marches silently forward on the stroke of midnight

Little is lost in multilingual translations of melodramatic posturing

Meanwhile I drink from a cup that has no bottom or will to just be

And I see my feet, barefoot and soulless digging furrows in the sand to mark my being

My skin burns from sitting in the heat of the sun blistering in variant pustules

I pick and squeeze listening for relief as the swallows run from the cold

And the verdant offerings please a grazed and calloused hand

I close my eyes

Memories cease to be when another salvation is brought for the pleasure

And photographs sit still upon the mantle when gathered in flocks of feathers

Coveted be this pleasing while it sits uneasy within the skin that is me

If words had been left immortalised in prose or chiselled in marble

I don't think I would have forgotten why or others had suffered the fate of the same

Crossed in the vermillion of cupped anger exposing slashes of hate upon the wall

Yet humble musings gather slanderous and pitiful against the will of the masses

Misunderstood and left to turn shades of dancing colour as Autumn turns to Fall

And the snow deadens the sound of footfall as we all lower our head to feed

So I speak

Do I expect others to see me different when dappled through the prism

Spectrums diffused in multitude of hues washed in subtle whispers

And played as the roll of a dice marks my exit on the tapestry

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