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Welcome to my MADNESS


Twisted in the shards that lie dying on the canvas
Fragments of hope sung on beats of a butterflies wing
Can you see me now as I kiss the refracted light
Lullabies burn devouring colours from the sunset

Dislocated by the congealed blood under these fingernails
Dissipating memories recoil as today forms the photographs of a mind
From here we can see the shadow of the gods as they rest now
Building from the beginnings as life turns it back on what has begun

Reality bleeds into the river as one to have never seen love
Tasting virtues belonging to another time I do the best i can
Footsteps leave a trace in rays of sunlight burnt into this skin
Blowing the dust from the ground as I sit and I wait

© 2014 Adrian AIDZ Giannini

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colours blend turning to black as the sunsets on another day

lived again on the edge of a rusty blade balanced on the tip of another soul

how would you know what it means to feel as my bleeding fingertips stain the sun


reflected in the convex mirrors distorting the shades of yesterday

hints of redemption savour the Harlequins trust blown as kiss in the ether

standing on time borrowed from the Gypsy as she casts another spell into the wind


awakening huddled tightly into your soul as it calms me from the shadows

I capture your breathe in mine and gather thoughts and dreams as the waves break

saving the wreckage outcast as a comfort scattered amongst a crackled sky


redemption scribbled quickly on the back of a postcard yet to be sent

seven skins devoured temper the soul as we dream of a clear blue sky

inject adrenaline appeasing the heart as my head bows and cries as I inject again



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As endless tears flow

Staining a page inscribed with ink

A future yet written on parchment

A poets heart bleeds in black


Palms held empty by the loss

Vision that that once saw so clearly

Words and letters dance alone

Appearing in time as line in this poem


Loneliness grieves as words lament

Loneliness a lost soul marked on skin

Loneliness traced in fragments of air

Loneliness is wishing you where here


 © 2014 Adrian AIDZ Giannini


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