Welcome to my MADNESS

softly softly

I drink the muse a cup of skin

Softly sketched in charcoal and life

A single strand demurely stands

All that holds a passionate will

Drawn in likeness upon the wind





Beckon to a call

Resonate wistful heart strings

A single silken feather falls

Upon the shadow of us all


Singularity in plurals

Breeds upon the breeze

Softly now come to me

Let one kiss upon these lips


If I could take a rose

A carve upon your name

It would be tomorrows tonight

Open up my tattoo’d wrist

And bleed upon the sand


Look upon these eyes

Read the tome of words born gold

In silence gifted upon a soul

I utter not a word





Hold a heart thats dear

Cast in silver and chiastolite

Believe it to never go

And bleed for me a silent word


In silence we treasure





Serenity captured in dreams





A gift lifted upon a thought


Softly softly


And a thought touched upon a silvered tongue

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