Welcome to my MADNESS

Will you Pray for me?

The muse remembers what it means


Why shadow this heart in oblique desires

Encrusted in gilded silver

Let the rain ring down


Feathering the insane

In a coagulated future

Affirmation from the dreams

That were never spent

Never sent

While this madness barks

From beneath these blessed layers

Of tainted



Fragmented unfoldings dipped in translucent blues

Listening to the screams of those who want to die

I will paint these colours in a different hue

Sable haired promises

Clasped in the mouths that are dry

Tourniquets tighten around the truth

Whisper silence from the depths of a breath

Awaken my dear and look at tomorrow

Skinned in persimmon upon the cloud

Pray for the sinners

Pray for the black motorcade

Pray for the sins that Ive made

Live in this skin and tell me what its like to begin

Simple in sorrow

Porcelain pictures decorate my arms

A shadow crosses my vision


I begin to die

I lay and let the rain caress

Eyelids resting gently together


That the bridges Ive crossed

I burnt today

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