Welcome to my MADNESS

Kiss death

Did the muse kiss me deadly




Lest the acid burns your mind

Intolerable pictures forming in the sleazy inslide of the deranged

Blessed sacraments

Spill chartreuse raindrops simmering in disrespect

While my breathe stinks

I hope to find

In the shadows

Widows weeping

Golden keys that open the blank pages before me

Not the questionable stares

Hollow of emotion

Seeking answers just the same

While your killing the dead

Does a hope remain

Gleamed in the shadows

Dripped in upon your blackened tongue

Singular in time

Tasting lost souls blemished upon my cheek

While the song remains

Seeking solace in the pristine

Drugs alone don't cut it anymore

Circles left behind

Scared in multitude of pleasuring

Could I hold my hands out and seek reprise

Open my eyes and see regret

See the first time we met

And when my love saw a shimmer

Did I kiss death

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