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Welcome to my MADNESS

Life lived in the colour of a skin


Proudly displaying a heart worn sleeve
From the sun that rises discovering a dream
A mask that is worn bleeds acid and tears
Splattered on canvas a breath is believed
A thousand faces peer from beneath
Blindfold draws out an Angels scream
Pierce these hand from thorns of green
A mumble of words unheard by those unspoken
Silence bleeds vermillion scratchings left on a wall
My name is said in the evenings ache
It's taken seven lifetimes for me to awake
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A new path

Innocence stripped to the bone
Hounds circle smelling blood
Stench of an easy feed to taunting
Keeping their muzzles satiated
From the words that beckon derision

Two moons left to wain
A history of love and pain
Till one can weep no more
Casts it's shadow in the black that bleeds
No starlight to glimmer in a last refrain

Flames that cast no light
Never feeding the shadows that dance in the silence
Forever feeding the hounds that bay
And the others shallow lives living their own merger existence
Not even the jester laughs but mourns 

Healing touch to walk alone in the black
Seeking light emanating from a future yet to be
Hope lives in the air that's breathed
Love lies in a life rejected
A key is held by both who walk together


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In the sweet arms

Im walking blind 

As I try to breathe

Live in your breath

Allowing me to understand

As I hold your hand


Nothing can stop the bleed

Emanating from the open wound

Distant memories

Clouded in shadows

Clouded in memories


I can only walk in the sun

If you allow tomorrows breath upon your hair

Knowing Ill be there in your shadow

Ready to catch the fall 

As it screams a new voice


Watch you plant a garden 

Watch the daffodils grow

Living in the new growth begun

Ready in this life

To begin again

In the sweet arms of a child

© 2014 Adrian AIDZ Giannini



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