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Taking shape

AiDZ here

Looks like Old Salty is taking shape, I've played one gig with Allan Reddaway from Bluewings and this weekend Allan joins me once again with Richard who often plays drums at the Blues Bash. Down the track Juhl should join me for a few gigs and hopefully others.

The idea of Old Salty is basically myself, AiDZ, as the main player with other muso's jumping in as the need occurs or based on their availability. Playing my originals and old school faves. This gives the punters something fresh every time Old Salty performs, a bit like the jams at the Blues Bash and lately there have been some amazing connections.

I've also set up a YouTube Old Salty page and will play with that over the coming weeks

And thanks to Gypsy Sounds (Michelle) sending a few bookings my way I can spread the love.

Cheers all

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