Welcome to my MADNESS

Listen alone

Colours that enhance life lived
A harlequins kiss split in two
Dreams that once hid in a lie
Come to life on the back of my hand

Taking a chance on a word
I turn my head to drink the rain
I though I'd learnt a lesson in another life
Thoughts intertwine in a single illicit passing of a nothing

Brief may be the illusion of dancing 
Kiss me before you fall 
I know if I pass on this day 
Summer won't wait till the dawn 

Succulent yet the trees bleed
Passing time in the way I breathe
Words that have another meaning
Disappearance of a soul in blackness

Twist a look into a smile hidden beneath
Your eyes dart seeking solace in the void
Skin blisters into a shadow of remorse
I dance alone as I have no partner

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