Welcome to my MADNESS

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Silver nitrate stains
leaving trails
shimmering in the streetlight
journeying to beyond the reach
of spreading fingers of light

In the distance
Silver howls of blue notes
wail in the inky night
Telling mournful tales
belonging in yesterdays suitcase
stored with the stained memories
long forgotten

steady hands trace memories on skin
with purpose
as was the choice
on aged skin
tokens of love
tales of yesterdays
unlike those left in a suitcase
gathering dust
only remembered
when welts left on a wrist are touched
remembering a rose
long since blurred
yet remembered
for the purpose was worded
“with love to you”
in a scroll of parchment
The name since long forgotten
but a smell lingers
a sweet fragrance
a kiss of cherries
I remember

Glow in red
Drawn on another cigarette
one of many
lights the room
for seconds
the sounds of a long muffled gasp
the sound of sparks
as tobacco ignites
shadows cast in red
on loosened paint covering a wall
twin fragrances of violet
mark this space

a heart in dappled wings
some semblance of an angel
once shone
now reflected
in a less than opaque mirror
left to lean upon the mantel
balanced precariously
against an unticking clock
unwound since time before
showing in dust
a time of ten past two
when was the last time it was wound?

Like a one dollar note
Folded until the crease
leaves a mark
until all is forgiven frustration
balanced on an edge of doubt
I trace this tattoo
With a finger dipped in liquorice
similar a breath laced with vinegar
and an apathy to belong

Howling sweeps the subether
Lone dog chained to crawl
Standing on the edge
I draw my heart
On your chest in lace
Sign my name in the air
Fireflies trace the memory
Burn me in raven ink
A name
A memory

Cast a judgmental eye
Horizons scream the colour purple
Every step
Falling deeper into your own quicksand
Listen to the wind blow
Distribute the feathers
Uneven on the wing
Glide into blind thermals
Pull your fingers back

Drink in the sulphur night
Drink in the rays marked
Death comes in sin
I drink to begin again
Scribe a poetic diatribe
Lengthways on a rib
one of nine
meaningless to some
meaningless to fucken all
looks good to me
hit me with your pleasure
a tattoo last a lifetime
yet a passing fad for some

Pierce me a dermal abrasion
Nipples lust a pair of chrome
Listen to me nervous
As the story sparkles
Upon your arms
A story told
In a myriad of hues
From nail till shoulder
A satisfaction
Laid for all to see
in your skin for a minute or two
let me breathe these pores
as I suffocate
in my own

Im gunna see if your listening
Take this rusty blade and carve your name
Etch it deep within
Let the warmth of my life
Congeal in the dust
Blissfully weep at my feet
Then Ill crawl inside
Somewhere to die
Nowhere to live
Let me suffer alone
Spin my web
Elongated fingers drench death
Dipped in filth
And I see your face
Grimaced in disguised disgrace
Lacking of emotion
Im sorry I made you
Im sorry I hate you
How do I spell your name

I take a walk in the moonlight
tears of silver drip from the moon
To feel a moment of pain
see if Im alive would be far to soon
This isn't where I was planning on being
look on the faces of everyone

Cloudy dreams envelope me now
I sleep another trip upon the sidewalk
Listen for the bustle
thousand of hungry demons
bleed in my pockets and steal my life

Slipped into an unconventional coma
Im dead again
I can hide from the world
beckoning and playing
with the hurt that Ive made
I wish I died today
I listen to the music that I played

Sweet naivety cannot pretend to be
I slide from a different light
Locked down on the juice
check my keys at the door
I often wonder if this lie was a fucken waste of time

Symptoms of an expendable transition
tread this that is life
Bud and ripen on the trees
so eat from the bitterness
Feed upon the single doubts
wrapped in a miserable

Take my love away
it burns of acid
smells of morning glories
Drifted in on the rains
you will celebrate my life
Promises will wish all that is silver will turn to glass

Leave me now with
raised conscience clear
take another step into the cataclysmic
follow the white rabbit
Draw another harlequined breath
from the cobbled keepers

I always wore my tattoo’d heart
on my sleeve
covering the scars of disbelief
Maintained fragments
of dignity
that would wash upon the shore
Held a tongue out
tasted the salt of the moon
it dripped silver tears
of regret

Listen to the disengage
Sweet heart
SIngle heart on a hand
Stars tattoo’d on my arm
Five point for the life Ive engraved
Listening slips
ice through fingers
Shadows waltz
the Carnival of never before
Feel the rain washing away
memories of hate
My eyes are burning
fingertips melt
breath from these tears
Grittiness tastes less bitter
mixed with blood
of our Father

Do you remember
times we disagreed on these voices
Reveal a vein
express less of the truth
Leave behind this name
spoken on a silken thread
Resurrect jewelled emotions
spoken on a naive wisp
Fortune will favour a glint
gold banded on a restful hand

Cuts are quickly turned into purple scars
Colour me clouds
I rest in brambles of fire
Embryonic as Im left crying
alone in the corner of roses
A fallen push kills desire in the path of a flame
I float in the faith of a hand cusped to display the warmth

Alone I can run for my life
Alone I can kiss this knife
Alone I can lie here and look at the sun

Suffer these petulant shadows as they roll down in the half dimmed hallway following my every move as silken light falls from between my fingers staining my well worn levi’s in patches of iridescent incantations leaving worms to burrow into my knees burnt in criss crossed burdens from the smoke that drifts from the Frey the bringer of a sodden undercurrent in aqua and teal spread in a creep and fall rolling down the tears that expend it all in the mirth of guns that birth and pray in a bowl of filth that the dogs of war lap from a saucer of milk left for the witches cats sickening in a brazen hope that befalls when I come to you and paint an oblique disguise on this mask that hides mystic lies drudged in the cold outside of the window left ajar as the breeze settles on ashen temples scattered in broken remnants of temples cast in a bringer of wings singed in brass less oxidised in a reminiscent honeysuckle I smelt the day before yesterday brought about the need for my death

A kiss on the lips is more of an afterthought

I kiss

And move on

the chills of winter bespoke the air
Simple dew settles early in the short fall eve
And a promise settles less so

Age wearies and tests arthritic joints
These age’ed bones feel every creak
One’s not as young as the stallion no more

Born by not so much more than caustic wind
I sit and draw in the briskness
And severer a slither of grass to chew

Blurred by expectation sits the horizon
Crowned in golden glories of a sun yet set
Emblazoned on a memory that does not forget

Tepid brews of leafed matter infused
Fail to invigorate as once it did
As does each blurry dawn

Soon to arrive the night song
Sheathed in a petticoat of black
Unhurried retreat to the warmth of a solus abode

Seek refuge of the well worn chair
Sparks n embers crackle when jimmied with prod
Stirring the dance of the flame

Well warmed and heavy lids signal the drawing of day
If this was the last time we slept
I have a feeling, thats okay

mumma said
never touch me there
fingers trace broken ink
lick me a swollen breast
swallowed whole
lactate in my black
one through the bullet
I could never say hello
I could never make room for emotion
happiness comes in a shot glass
of tequila
n a lick of salt
my lips are on your name
sing a melody of guilt
as I lick the salt from your navel
in the ink swirls that spiral
out of control
of legends and new meanings
how do you sleep
in cortisone of dropped names

allow me to breathe
in a copper sheet
in a copper sheet
sleep in a baroque New York pleasure
I dream of coloured pixies
on a beautiful thing
my breath
my breath in cinnamon
and dream
as I move onto a yellow
I want a cinnamon light
n slice
a vein
flows upon the cement
in serene
blues of azure
played on a harp
in a key of C
shes got a smile
and her own song
dont tell em its over
Left to bleed
Upon silver

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